Palatal Expansion and nasal septum deviation improvement

In this child, an allergy has caused a blocked nose and persistent mouth breathing.
Because of mouth breathing, the nasal airways have not developed correctly and they were very narrow. Nasal breathing became practically impossible; first snoring, then sleep apnea followed. The patient has had tonsillectomy which has helped but was not enough to restore nasal breathing and the patient continued to breath through the mouth. 
Orthotropic treatment started with palatal expansion. After few months, nasal breathing became possible and sleep apnea stopped. In the course of treatment, deviated nasal septum progressively started to straighten up and allergic rhinitis significantly lessened. This patient is still growing and in treatment.

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The role of pediatric maxillary expansion on nasal breathing. A systematic review and metanalysis
Christian Calvo-Henriquez 1, Robson Capasso 2, Carlos Chiesa-Estomba 3, Stanley Yung Liu 2, Silvia Martins-Neves 4, Elena Castedo 5, Carlos O'Connor-Reina 6, Alberto Ruano-Ravina 7, Sandra Kahn 8

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