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There is plenty of evidence that Prof. John Mews and Dr. Mike Mew with their "Mewing" have found 'a magic ingredient' to transform a face for the better. Mewing requires a lot of determination. It is not easy; most people struggle with it and many give up. Orthotropic treatment facilitates Mewing greatly and the benefit for your child can be life-changing. Below are a few links, there are continuously more and more coming up. People are 'waking up' that Orthotropics / Mewing is the way both to health and beauty.

Below are a few resources. 

Reading the face: please download a free PDF from the book. 'Cause and cure of malocclusion' by Prof. John Mews: (Prof. John Mew)  (Dr. Mike Mew)    (Orthotropic practitioners around the world)


Benefits of Maxillary Expansion on breathing .pdf  - DOWNLOADS:
* Maxillary expansion and nasal obstruction.pdf
* Effect of rapid maxillary expansion on sleep characteristics in children.pdf
* Efeitos da expansão maxilar em crianças com obstrução das vias aéreas superiores.pdf Wilma Simões. A Ortopedia Funcional dos Maxilares

Benefits of maxillary expansion on breathing - LINKS:

Mike Mew videos

"We have so much relapse in dentistry... When people are older it is a lot more difficult to gain good habits.  Don't underestimate long-term effects of habits.
Prevention is better than cure. We want to prevent malocclusion, sleep apnea, TMJ problems and ENT issues"

Orthotropic appliances:
 two expansion appliances to create space and a training appliance with a feedback mechanism

 Dr. Mew: "By looking at your child, we can predict how your child will grow. If you want to correct growth, you need to start at 7 or 8 years old"
 Similarly, American Association of Orthodontics advises that "each child should have an orthodontic check up no later than age 7." 

Mouth breathing vs. nasal breathing; allergy, asthma, sleep apnea, airway-centered orthodontics. 

Buteyko Breathing and malocclusion

Videos 'How to Mew' and results. 

Mewing guide video 1

Mewing transformations examples

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