What is Orthotropics?

Orthotropics is face-focused and airway-centered orthodontic treatment which guides the growth of the face from early childhood. The teeth align by themselves without the need for extractions or further orthodontic treatment. This improves not only dental health, but also facial structure, breathing and posture. Further benefits are growing self confidence and improved academic performance, through improved breathing.

This is all achieved with removable appliances and exercises. Orthotropics has been developed decades ago by Prof. John Mew however it is not well known in Portugal. We are pioneers introducing this incredibly successful therapy in Portugal. This treatment helps to maximise the genetic potential of your child.

Orthotropics can change a downswing growing face to an upswing face:  the cheeks have improved, the lips have improved, the chin is more harmonious and the contour of lower jaw is better defined. Treatment when started young brings most benefit to the child and it is easier for the child, the parents and the clinician.

Perfect patient, perfect age 

The essence of Orthotropics is to influence the correct growth of a child's face. The younger the child, the greater and quicker are the benefits.  In young children bones are malleable and therefore the treatment quickly brings huge benefit to the patient. For this reason, it is worth starting treatment as early as possible.
The ideal age to start treatment is around 7 years old. The growth potential is still big and the child usually cooperates very well.
Starting the treatment later, especially after 9 years of age is more difficult.

"Each child should have an orthodontic check up no later than age 7." American Association of Orthodontics

Benefits of Orthotropics therapy

Orthotropics gives children a healthy beautiful smile, with no extractions needed later. We optimise the facial growth and guide it in the direction it should be going. A bit like a beautiful bonsai tree. 
As the attractiveness of the face grows, so does the child's vital function (breathing). In the meantime the teeth become straight as a welcome side effect.

Beautiful face, natural growth

Thanks to Orthotropics the direction of facial growth can be changed from the abnormal one (which usually goes down and back) to the normal one (which goes forward).

Straight teeth with no extractions 

All the teeth well aligned and stable for life (without extractions). 

Good breathing, good health

Calm, efficient, nasal breathing is a pre-requisite to child's general health and its physical and mental development. 

Perfect Family, Motivation

The clinician and the parents join up in a team to treat the young patient. 
Orthotropics is a lifestyle change. Parents support their child daily during oral myofunctional and postural exercises.
Over time, the child will keep correct oral posture (i.e. 'doing Mewing') effortlessly and constantly.

Your path to a healthy smile

Start young, because growth potential ensures that improvement is certain and of greater degree.

Please, make sure that diet of your child includes plenty of hard foods as they stimulate jaw development. 

First (easier) part of treatment is preparation: expanding the arches so all the teeth can align spontaneously. It is done with removable braces. 

The gains achieved by expansion are complemented by carefully selected exercises. This ensures life - long stability of perfectly aligned teeth.

Life changing treatment

On the initial consultation we will evaluate if your child is an easy case (treatment simpler and shorter) or a difficult case (requiring full course of Orthotropics treatment). It is worth coming with your child early, because easy cases (when young) often turn into difficult cases when older. Standard measurements are taken and parents are presented with treatment plan, estimated length and cost.
Prevention is better than cure.
Treatment length and cost depends on severity of the case.  
Finally, the result is a beautiful, happy face with good breathing. Maintaining Closed Oral Posture (i.e. 'Mewing') is a crucial for good facial aesthetics, lasting improvement in breathing and perfectly straight teeth.

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